• Sonali utility security  services
  • Sonali utility security  services
  • Sonali utility security  services


Providing services to valuable clients or to the smooth flow in production line is the utmost job for a company or an industry. Nowadays crime rate is touching skies. So it is very important to have a reliable security and protection to your business. Sonali Utility Services is among top security guard suppliers in Mumbai.

We provide guards to banking, hospitals, hotels, industrial, and manufacturing sector. We also provide our services to every big and small enterprise.

The role and responsibilities of a security guard is very crucial. A security guard should be treated as a main member of any staff as they provide us secure and tension free environment.

A security guard performs a number of duties and some of the important task he/she perform as follow:
    • Checking sign of crime or fire etc.
    • Check any illegal and inappropriate actions
    • Security checking of doubtful person
    • Safe guard the product items while serving a shop or showroom

When we hire a person for night duties; we call him a watchman. Watchman is a part of security guard duties and is very important for a company as well as for a home.

Duty of a security guard is to prevention and avoidance of any criminal activity. They enforce some standard as well special set of rules set by the authority. They don’t make arrest but can make some temporary arrest till the police come.

Guard basically loaded with some devices that help them to perform their duties and operations easily. A guard on duty uses Metal detectors (hand held and door type), Explosive detectors, Reflectors, Walkie-Talkie radios etc.

Some of senior guards need to go through special training mandated by the local or state government to carrying some special weapons like guns, pepper spray; batons etc. for lethal weapons they have to be trained and must have a license from state government.

At Sonali Utility Services we provide specially trained security guard that fits into your needs. We provide every level of guarding service for the safety of your home, company, factory etc.

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